NAYPEMAR BARCELONA is the only company in Spain that is totally specialised in alfalfa consulting, transport and logistics. This specialisation translates to exclusivity, and exclusivity means in-depth product knowledge. Our team of experts has extensive experience in seeking out and hiring all kinds of logistics services, adapting to the specific needs of each project and country of destination.

Alfalfa is exported as described below:

Alfalfa, fodder and cereal straw

Exclusively in 40’ high cube containers, shipped by liner. These containers are generally loaded with 32 bales of the various products with an approximate weight of:

  Dehydrated alfalfa in bales 22/23.5 t per container
  Cereal straw in bales 15/16 t per container
  Other feed 20/22 t per container
  Dehydrated alfalfa in
50 kg bales
23/24 t per container,
in pallets of 1,500

Dehydrated alfalfa in pellets

This is generally exported in bulk on 1,600-3,500 tonne vessels, with a stowage factor of 60 cubic feet/tonne. It can also be exported in palletised 25.4 or 50 kg polypropylene bags in containers of about 24 tons per container.

Information on the dehydrated feed sector:

  • The sector currently has 72 industrial dehydrating facilities.
  • Seven are located in Spain, although 85% is produced in the Ebro Valley.
  • The industry manufactures fodder (legumes and grasses, of which 85% is alfalfa).
  • These are produced in two forms, 700 kg bales (77%) and granulated or pellet form (23%).
  • Consumption: the bales are primarily for milk-producing ruminants, and the pellets are for feed factories and meat production.



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